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LeDoux Golf was started in honor of my biggest mentor who also happens to be my grandfather, Jack LeDoux. He embodies strong values that golf often teaches; honesty, integrity, patience and respect of others and the environment. He passed along his passion and love for the game to my brother and I. My hope and the reason I started LeDoux Golf is to pass on the passion and love I have for the game to each of my students while helping them achieve their golfing goals.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe in teaching to my student’s goals within their capabilities and to help my students better understand their ball flight. Whether it is a large group clinic or a private lesson I have the knowledge and expertise to take your game to the next level.

In addition to my philosophy and method I believe that the golf motion is a ground up and in to out motion – body/arms/hands/club and is a rotary motion with minimal lateral motion. This motion should lead to more consistent Low Point control, Club head path and Center face & Square face contact. If a golfer can consistently do these 4 things with the club they will play the best golf of their life, guaranteed!!!

Teaching with Technology

BodiTrak CertificationBodiTrak Pressure

The Boditrak is a Center of Pressure device that tells the story of how players use the ground. The way players use the ground can help the player generate rotation of the body, arms, hand and consequently the golf club. Pressure shift isn’t a new concept in golf. Instructors have been teaching pressure shift for years, but now, thanks to technologies like BodiTrak, we’re able to validate the concept with data and provide valuable biofeedback on the range for golfers. This a sensitive device that quantifies foot pressure in every part of the swing and can be used for every part of the game from full swing to putting and all facets in between.

V1 Golf Logo

V1 Pro HD is the most powerful video analysis and golf teaching software for live video capture, swing analysis, and lesson creation and delivery. All lessons given will utilize V1 pro software to video the golfer (seeing is believing) which will speed up the improvement time and develop feel faster. All lessons will end with a 5-minute wrap up and will receive a voice over web lesson that includes video. These web lessons are available to the student for review at any time and are a great tool to keep the student focused during practice.

About Me
Matt LeDoux blank

Matt LeDoux

PGA Professional & Owner

I am a graduate of the Professional Golf Management program through the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA). I have been teaching golf since 2005, elected to PGA membership in February of 2009 and I have taught over 14,000 lessons. I began my career at Carolina Country Club in Raleigh, NC and most recently The Golf Club at Newcastle.

I have worked with club champions, AJGA and WJGA champions, state high school competitors, as well as hundreds of weekend warriors. I have students as young as 6 years old along with students in their 70’s. I really enjoy working with golfers who are eager to improve. Whether it is a large group clinic or a private lesson I have the knowledge and expertise to take your game to the next level.



LeDoux Golf offers a range of programs to help you improve your game. All lessons based on a student’s current abilities and personal goals. So, no matter your needs, LeDoux Golf can help you achieve your golfing goals.

  • Private Lessons
  • One-on-one instruction for all levels using time tested, tour proven fundamentals. All lessons are given with latest technology and video analysis software to help students understand there swing. Students will also receive a virtual lesson review that includes voice over video clips along with notes, drills to help students see and feel the motion, as well as a customized practice plan.

  • 1-Hour | $250
  • 3-Pack | $675
  • 5-Pack | $1000
  • Schedule Lesson
  • Group Clinics
  • An opportunity for students to learn together. Programs designed on a case-by-case basis and dependant on a student’s compatible skills. Especially beneficial for couples or groups that practice or play together. Lessons will be 45 minutes in length. Please contact Matt for details or to set up your first group lesson. Available for all skill levels.

  • 2-Person | $300
  • 3-Person | $375
  • 4-Person | $425
  • Schedule Lesson
  • Coach For The Year
  • The ultimate program for improving your game. This is a season long commitment that includes one 9 hole playing lesson ($250 value) per quarter and UNLIMITED lessons for the duration of the selected plan. All lessons are given with latest technology and video analysis to help take your game to next level. Students will also receive lesson via email or smartphone of lesson for the day that includes voice over video clips along with notes. If you ever consider attending a golf school, this is a novel way to make a real commitment to your game. Ideal for the golfer that wants to take their game to the next level. Also perfect for juniors. This will be time permitting & is available for all skill levels.

    Monthly rates are given as a method of payment. Please contact Matt to discuss options, junior pricing available.

  • 6-Month | $7500
  • 12-Month | $12500
  • Schedule Lesson
  • Playing Lessons
  • There is a world of difference between playing golf and practicing golf. Playing lessons provide the opportunity to maximize a student’s current skill level and lower scores. Playing lessons are about how to play golf, not how to swing the golf club.

  • 9-Holes | $350
  • 18-Holes | $600
  • Contact
  • Customized Golf Schools
  • One, two, or multi-day schools built around the student’s needs and interest. Can include anything from intensive practice sessions to playing lessons. Ideal for smaller business – related events, this clinic works well as pre or post golf activity or as terrific enhancement to a meeting, seminar or business lunch. The host can customize the school to feature full swing analysis and/or any other facet of the game such as putting, chipping, pitching or bunker play. All schools are individually priced, call the Matt for full detail. Available for all skill levels.

  • Half-Day | $1200
  • Full-Day | $2500
  • Two-Day | $4500
  • Three-Day | $5750
  • One-Week | $7500
  • Contact
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